Update (Week of 8/29/2014)

Hello everyone! Thanks to everyone who came out to our first general meeting today! We hope you enjoyed your liquid nitrogen ice cream and met a lot of new and old friends! We have yet more events coming up:

1. Decal Signups (Th 9/11)
2. 1st Dinner of the Month (Tu 9/16)

Keep reading for more details and Facebook event links!

1. Decal Signups (Th 9/11)
This year MSEA is starting two brand-new decals to increase awareness of materials science among the general student body and to encourage more interest in the field. You can find full details and syllabi at their decal website link:

Materials Science through Food: www.decal.org/courses/msefood
-This decal is designed to introduce basic materials science concepts to students in a fun and interactive way. No background knowledge is necessary, so feel free to tell all your friends about this class. Come to the first meeting on Thursday 9/11, 7PM at 290 Hearst Mining to sign up.

Intro to Polymers: www.decal.org/courses/introtopolymers
-This decal is designed to give students who are interested in polymers a more thorough understanding beyond the scope of usual classes. For example, MSE 130 is the required class on polymers, but with little preparation before, students may struggle with the advanced topics covered. Furthermore, the suggested course plan recommends taking it in 4th year spring semester, which is too late to get further into the field. If interested, come to the first meeting on Thursday 9/11, 6PM at 290 Hearst Mining.

2. 1st Dinner of the Month (Tu 9/16) – RSVP required!

Guests: Professor Chrzan, Professor Sherburne, and SanDisk’s VP of Technology Development
When: Tuesday 9/16/14, 6:30 PM
Where: Barney’s Burgers at http://www.yelp.com/biz/barneys-gourmet-hamburgers-berkeley-2

Since MSEA is sponsored by SanDisk this year, there will be at least a partial subsidy of cost, which also means that sign-ups will be more rigorous than for past DOTMs. Check out the Facebook event https://www.facebook.com/events/256840434525658/ for the RSVP form; please do not come to the event if you have not been contacted about attendance and paid for your food. Clicking “Going” on the Facebook event does not save you a spot!

If you have any suggestions for any professors or industry professionals that would you like to us to invite to future dinners please let us know through Facebook or email.
Lastly, if you would like more frequent real-time updates or more information on any of our events please check out our Facebook page, UC Berkeley MSEA.

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