View from the Top Lecture (8/29/2014)

Professor Eicke R. Weber, Director of the Fraunhofer Institute for Solar Energy Systems ISE, will be hosting the first View From the Top Lecture this school year. The lecture is sponsored by UC Berkeley’s College of Engineering.

Join us in 290 HMMB on Friday, August 29, 12-1pm! LUNCH PROVIDED! You can find the Facebook event at

Lecture details:
The Global Energy Transformation – a Challenge for Science, Technology and New Politics
We know that renewable, climate-neutral energy is vital
for our survival. Solar energy is available in virtually
limitless quantity, and photovoltaic cell production is
increasingly cost-competitive. However, the energy
system lags behind. Effective technologies in smart
energy distribution, renewable-source transport and
storage are needed, demanding political and social
innovation. Only strong public support can lead us
towards a sustainable global energy system. California
and Germany might be the two regions ready to blaze
this trail.

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